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Glen Collections LTD


Glen Collections Ltd

'Providing a solution for you'


Glen Collections Ltd was established in 1998 and over the past decade we have provided our clients with professional assistance in recovering overdue accounts and potential bad debts.



For many businesses outstanding invoices are their largest asset. Overdue bills are a nuisance,

expensive to collect and a distraction from what you and your staff should be doing. Late payments will

always occur whether due to a clients inability to pay or, more frustratingly because of a customers

management policy to deliberately exceed agreed credit terms. Read More


Contact Details

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  For further details contact Michael Ryan (Director, Glen Collections Ltd.)

 Address: Ballymoe Road,  Glenamaddy, Co. Galway

  Phone: 0949659614
  Mobile: 087-9970123
  Fax: 0949659615

  Email: /


  Our working hours are:

  9am - 9pm (Monday to Friday)
  9am - 3pm (Saturday)
  Sunday by request



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